Edutainment toys make impact at fall baby & children’s products fair

Looking for toddler and children’s toys that are both fun and educational? Catch the latest playthings on offer from Asia makers at this fall’s China Sourcing Fair: Baby & Children’s Products.

Shape sorter features container in animal design

Teach shapes and animals all with one educational toy. These shape sorters from Zhejiang Ruyi Industry Co. Ltd are made of wood and feature cute animal-shaped receptacles.

The maker also offers mobiles, puzzles and pull-along cars.

Zhejiang Ruyi Industry Co. Ltd


Toy laptop boasts 95 games

Enrich your electronic and educational toys line with this model from Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co. Ltd. The product packs up to 95 language, number, logic and interactive games. A 2.7in color LCD monitor is incorporated for better interactivity.

The supplier carries toy tablets and mobile phones as well.

Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co. Ltd


Touch reading pen combines recording function

Interactive toys such as Childhood Education Technology Co. Ltd’s touch reading pen don’t leave out the fun in developing the minds of children. Besides reading and translating, this model boasts a recording function. The device can store a number of audio books as well.

Childhood Education Technology Co. Ltd




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