Toys, care items abound at Baby & Children’s Products fair

Playthings in bright colors and fresh designs. Baby care products designed for ease of use and better comfort. These are just some of the key trends at this fall’s China Sourcing Fair: Baby & Children’s Products.

Visit the show. Experience firsthand recent breakthroughs and developments in baby and children’s products from the Greater China region and other parts of Asia.

Fabric-covered inflatable playmat
This star-shaped inflatable playmat from P&D Plastic Manufacture Co. Ltd comes with multicolored PE balls for the baby to play with. When the fabric cover is removed, the playmat can be used as a pool floater.

The product is made of nylon-coated PVC.

P&D Plastic Manufacture Co. Ltd


Mats, stools, blocks in EVA foam
A range of EVA foam playthings, including mats, blocks and animal-themed stools, are available at Da Yeh Sponge Co. Ltd’s booth. Products come in different shapes and vivid colors. These are designed to withstand water and acid.

Da Yeh Sponge Co. Ltd



Breathable baby diapers
Yijia (Fujian) Sanitary Appliances Ltd offers several diaper models that boast breathable layers, leakage protection, fast liquid absorption and adjustable waistband. Hook-and-loop or resealable adhesive tape is commonly adopted as closure.

Yijia (Fujian) Sanitary Appliances Ltd



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