Seasonal adornments, souvenirs & décor enliven fall shows

The selection of holiday ornaments and related accessories at the China Sourcing Fair: Christmas & Seasonal Products is sure to bring some good Christmas spirit to your product portfolio.

Metal-based items such as emblems and medals continue to stand out at the China Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums.

Ceramic Christmas adornments

Spread good cheer with Xiamen Yangtse Ltd’s collection of ceramic Christmas decorations. The line includes figurines, tealight holders, jars and mugs. Motifs may be painted or glazed.

The company also offers classic and metallic variants.

Xiamen Yangtse Ltd


Christmas-themed heat pads

Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co. Ltd’s gel-filled heating pads can be just the right giveaway for winter. These, in particular, are designed like a sock and have a Christmas motif.

Logos and patterns are printed on the surface.

Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co. Ltd


Zinc alloy medals

King Char Co. Ltd’s booth displays medals in zinc alloy, with the motifs die-cast. A glossy or antique finish may be adopted.

The supplier also offers keychains, emblems, bookmarks and buckles.

King Char Co. Ltd



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