All eyes on colorful kitchenware at fall show

Vivid hues are the trend for implements used around the kitchen and dining area. Sample this and other latest trends at the China Sourcing Fair: Home Products. 

Visit the fair now. The show runs till October 23 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

Translucent serving knives

Add a splash of color to your selection of flatware with Yangjiang Goldmine Cutlery Co. Ltd’s serving knives. The products are made of translucent PP. White, blue, violet and orange variants are available.

The company also offers opaque PP knives. Some come as a set with a chopping board.

Yangjiang Goldmine Cutlery Co. Ltd


Woven placemats in bright colors

Ningbo Yinzhou Yichuan Artware Co. Ltd’s woven placemats bring summer to the table. Products are mostly in PP, but designs made of paper, and PP- and PVC-polyester are available as well. They may be round or rectangular.

Sequins are incorporated to achieve a metallic look.

Ningbo Yinzhou Yichuan Artware Co. Ltd


Food storage containers come with colored lids

Give your customers more lively food storage alternatives with Flash Plastic Mfg Co. Ltd’s releases. The clear body makes checking the content hassle-free, while the colored cover boosts aesthetics.

Purple, green, orange and red are among the shades offered.

Flash Plastic Mfg Co. Ltd



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