Tablet & media player accessories dominate electronics trade show

Multifunction and novel accessories for tablet PCs, media players and other portable electronics enliven booths at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components, a clear trend the consumer electronics and its auxiliary industries remain robust.

Source from a wide range of accessories and peripherals for the iPad, iPod and iPhone series, and other multimedia players and tablet PCs. Most novelties are customizable, too!

Multipurpose docking station

The model IPA-IS8 docking station from Shenzhen JWL Electronics Co. Ltd supports an iPhone, iPod or iPad dock and doubles as an FM radio.

It has a built-in alarm with snooze and sleep buttons.

Shenzhen JWL Electronics Co. Ltd



Tablet holder features handgrip

Chinmore Industry Co. Ltd’s tablet holder hugs the electronic device tightly to prevent slippage. Made of PC, the product has a handgrip that also works as a stand.

Versions for the iPad and iPad 2 are available.

Chinmore Industry Co. Ltd



Tablet casing in clear ABS

This transparent iPad 2 casing from Koko Industrial Co. Ltd comes in ABS. Prints in various colors can be applied on request.

The supplier also offers genuine leather covers with foldable magnetic fronts.

Koko Industrial Co. Ltd



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