Energy-saving indoor, outdoor LED screens on display

Exhibitors at the China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products unveil their latest LED screens, which are popularly employed in indoor and outdoor stage performances.

Full-color outdoor LED screen
Guilin Hivision Technology Co. Ltd’s P10.66 outdoor LED screen presents images in full color. It has a pixel composition of 1B+1G+1R and density of 8,800pixels/sqm. Suitable for multimedia displays, the product boasts frame and refresh rates at 75 and ≥240Hz, respectively.

Guilin Hivision Technology Co. Ltd



Indoor LED screen with die-cast aluminum back
The P6 LED screen from Shenzhen MR Photoelectricity Co. Ltd has a pitch of 6mm and density of 17,222pixels/sqm. Designed for indoor use, the model is composed of 3-in-1 SMDs. The die-cast aluminum back keeps the surface less hot.

Shenzhen MR Photoelectricity Co. Ltd




Indoor LED screen rated IP31
Shenzhen Gengchuang Electronics Co. Ltd’s PH5 model indoor LED screen features an optimal viewing distance of 2 to 20m. Utilizing 3-in-1 SMDs, the IP31 unit has a 5mm pitch and 32×16 module resolution. The average power consumption is 600W/sqm.

Shenzhen Gengchuang Electronics Co. Ltd



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