Electronic components take center stage

Component manufacturers showcase their in-house design and production capability at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components. Most releases can be customized on request.

Visit the fair now! Find the supplier who can match your component requirements.

LED drivers support constant current or voltage
Dongguan Better Electronic Technology Co. Ltd offers a range of LED drivers. The products come in dimmable and nondimmable versions, and may have constant current or voltage. Designs boast thermal and overload protection.

Dongguan Better Electronic Technology Co. Ltd



Mass-terminated connectors
The 3960 and 2540 series of mass-terminated connectors from Vensik Electronics Co. Ltd can have a pitch of 3.96 or 2.54mm.

Wire harnesses, crimp terminals and housings, and keystone jack connectors are available as well.

Vensik Electronics Co. Ltd


RoHS-compliant fuses
Glass and ceramic fuses in various sizes are among the products on display at Walter Electronic Co. Ltd’s booth. The company also offers subminiature, SMD, thermal cutoff and PPTC resettable variants. The products are halogen-free.

Current-sensing resistors designed and fabricated in-house are also available.

Walter Electronic Co. Ltd

Current transducers
Shaanxi Shinhom Enterprise Co. Ltd’s recently launched current transducers are designed based on the buyer’s specifications.

Shaanxi Shinhom Enterprise Co. Ltd


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