Kitchen tools and gadgets add flavor to China Sourcing Fair: Home Products

Design diversity defines the latest kitchen products exhibited at China Sourcing Fair: Home Products.

Stylish grill tool set

These stainless steel grill tools with stand are visually appealing and highly functional at the same time. One could always find a crowd of buyers admiring these gleaming cooking implements.

Stelz Inc.

Booth # 3K48






Knives in color

Value Tools provides a variety of kitchen knife sets, complete with block and chicken-themed kitchen timers. The blocks and handles come in monochromatic black, green, red or white.

Value Tools Co. Ltd

Booth # 3J18

Chic pots and pans

These Delicious nonstick pots and pans from Zhongshan Camry can be ordered in a variety of contemporary colors and shapes. Sets are also available.
Zhongshan Camry Electronic Co. Ltd

Booth # 3L50




Attractive and accurate

When baking, an accurate kitchen scale is essential. These designs prove that they can be a great addition to the kitchen’s decor as well.
Zhejiang Jifa Electronics Co. Ltd

Booth # 3K17



China Sourcing Fair: Home Products
October 20-23, 2011
Hong Kong
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