Gear up for the slopes with these winter sportswear designs

Winter seems a long way off in Miami but the sourcing season for winter clothing is just beginning. Here are some of the coming season’s apparel exhibited at CSF: Garments & Textiles.

Looking good (and warm) in red

This red ski jacket catches the eye and is perfect for a cool winter day. Golden Sunshine offers winterwear in various styles and sizes.

Golden Sunshine Tex Garment Co. Ltd
Booth # 3P22







Thin but will keep you warm

Being warm does not mean having to have a bulky jacket on. This customizable track jacket in blue is one of Golden Harvest’s most popular items at the show.

Golden Harvest Trade Co. Ltd
Booth # 3A19







Keep your head warm as well

Long beanies and smooth caps are the hottest items in Min Heng’s booth at the show, and this shimmering hat adds some bling! The company offers a selection of winter hats for both men and women.

Min Heng Apparel Ltd
Booth # 3P23






China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles
October 27 -30, 2011
AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong
Learn more



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