High-definition portable electronics clearly in demand at the Electronics Fair

Tablet computers were easily one of the most sought-after items at the China Sourcing  Fair: Electronics show in Miami.

Small tablets with great appeal

Small media players ILife’s selection of small media players was on full display at the fair. Of particular interest was the V6S, featuring a 4.3” TFT Touch Screen and capable of 720P HD video. Its UI is customizable to any buyer’s needs and has many media output slots.

ILife Technology (HK) Ltd

Booth # 3B28


Multifunction Android tablets

Android-based tablet computers  Shenzhen Kerchan Technology Co. Ltd’s wide selection of Android-based tablet computers is designed to be used in interactive advertising environments.  Many units feature remote controls and wireless connections in addition to their touch interface. They come in sizes from 7” to as large as 15” in the portable segment.

 Shenzhen Kerchan Technology Co. Ltd

Booth # 3B34

Tablets for students as well

7” tablets Among the more popular 7” tablets was Readboy’s G3 model, designed with high school students in mind. Featuring an Android 2.1 operating system and with WiFi, it is an ideal tablet for students’ needs.

Zhongshan Readboy Electonics Co. Ltd

Booth # 3F18


2 Comments on “High-definition portable electronics clearly in demand at the Electronics Fair”

  1. bangon says:

    I have been fortunate enough to be given the Readboy G3 but the instructions are only in Chinese. I have been unsuccessful in finding English instructions on the web. So I wonder how students in the US will be able to learn how to use it?

  2. bangon says:

    There is a link to the Readboy website. I cannot see the Readboy G3 students tablet listed there – is it?

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