Updates on EU Toy Safety Directive, REACH

Kenneth Woo and Dr. Chun-Kin Wong of Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services discussed the revisions made to the EU 88/378/EEC directive on toy safety, and updates to the REACH  regulation in a seminar held at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld Expo as part of China Sourcing Fair’s conference program.

The 2009/48/EC narrows the scope and definition of toys, and defines the obligations of manufacturers, importers, distributors and authorized representatives as regards compliance with the regulations. The amended directive also improves existing rules for the marketing of toys.

Essential safety requirements for oral-use playthings and those contained within or co-mingled with food and textile toys, among others, are to take effect by July 2011. Chemical-related mandates are applicable in July 2013.

The speakers reviewed REACH coverage, exemptions and requirements as well. They talked about the differences among substances, mixtures and articles as used in the directive, and defined SVHCs, or substance of very high concern. Further, some of the administrative and criminal penalties imposed on different member states for noncompliance with the regulations were shared.


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