Household products headline the China Sourcing: Home Products

Homemakers and housewives, even househusbands, will find the latest selection designed to make cleaning and housework easier. Catch the newest trends at the fair now!

Cleaning cloths in all colors

These colorful cleaning cloths from Ningbo C-Max International Co. Ltd would make your dusting chores a lot more fun.

Not only are they available in bright summery shades but they’re also made of microfiber, which means you can use them in any surface.

Ningbo C-Max International Co. Ltd
Booth # 9A14

Clothes horse

Running out of clothesline space? Try this aluminum alloy products from H.K. Qiaoyuan (International) Group. Co. Ltd.

The butterfly-type clothes horse is 1m long and 0.62m wide. It can be extended up to 1.55m.

H.K. Qiaoyuan (International) Group. Co. Ltd
Booth # 9B05

Magic mop

Save time and energy with the Magic Mop from Zhejiang Kaiyi Houseware Co. Ltd. Available in different colors and sizes, the products are designed for easy rinsing and dewatering.

Zhejiang Kaiyi Houseware Co. Ltd
Booth # 9B01


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