China Sourcing Fairs: Gifts & Premiums, Home Products, and Baby & Children’s Products now open!

Global Sources’ China Sourcing Fairs opens its doors to buyers of home products, gifts and premiums, and baby and children’s products today!

Buyers from around the world flock to the AsiaWorld-Expo to meet thousands of suppliers in one of Asia’s largest and most important sourcing events.

Promotional electronics, gift boxes and paper stationery products are expected to be the main attractions at Gifts & Premiums fair. In its Christmas & Seasonal Products pavilion, Santa Claus decorations made of tree bark, ceramic angel figurines, snowman-themed gift boxes and mistletoe crafts are a must-see.

In the Home Products show, buyers can find the latest housewares, household and kitchen appliances, bar accessories, bathroom accessories, and sports and camping supplies.

Meanwhile, visitors can expect a wide array of toys, children’s garments and accessories, baby care and bath products, and outdoor play equipment in the Baby & Children’s Products show.

Come and visit us at the Fairs! The four-day specialized sourcing event show will run until April 23, 2011.


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