Silk Road CEO gives pointers on sourcing preparation and management

Silk Road International’s CEO David A. Dayton discussed ways of streamlining trading experiences with companies in China, giving advice to international buyers on what to look for in manufacturing partners and how to deal with challenging negotiations.
Dayton provided a purchasing guide with tips on project management and problem solving, drawing from SRI’s 15 years of experience in the industry and his own expertise in the field.

He highlighted the importance of achieving quality products and, with this goal in mind, shared strategies to make such ventures successful, noting the demands of supervising overseas production. He also discussed typical scenarios and possible complications, and recommended suitable approaches.

“The best way to solve problems is to avoid them,” Dayton told the conference. He gave key pointers on how international buyers can prepare themselves for sourcing from the Greater China region and what to expect from it.

Dayton’s “Improving Sourcing Performance” presentation was part of China Sourcing Fair’s How to Source From China seminar series being held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.


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