Solar chargers gather power at the China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products

Harness this summer’s heat to power up your electronic devices.  Catch the latest in alternative charging devices at the fair!

Portable solar chargers

Bored of the typical black or gray portable solar charger? Try these brightly colored models from Fullhoard Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd (Dongguan).

The products have a USB port.

Fullhoard Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd (Dongguan)
Booth # 1D46


Solar panel charger

What’s not cool with solar battery chargers is the prolonged sun exposure that heats up the battery and shortens its life span. Tung-Li Electronic Enterprise Co. Ltd’s Solar Panel Charger separates the TLE-ST-3M 3W solar panel from the TLE-PB01SP24 mobile charging unit.

The solar panel is shock- and water-resistant.

Tung-Li Electronic Enterprise Co. Ltd
Booth # 1C32

External solar battery for iPhone 4

Shenzhen Kayo Battery Co. Ltd’s External Battery Classic1 is said to be the thinnest iPhone 4 external battery. Measuring only 127.5x61x19.5mm, it supports solar charging and comes with 1.7Ah capacity.

Shenzhen Kayo Battery Co. Ltd
Booth # 9A20




Solar charger resembles a sliced football

Wellsoon International Group (HK) Ltd is known for developing unique designs of solar chargers. Its latest model looks like a sliced watermelon or football, and includes a jack for a USB fan or USB light.

Wellsoon International Group (HK) Ltd
Booth # 1D38



1,900mAh extra power for Blackberry, Nokia phones

The M200EV Li-polymer battery from Shenzhen Anytone Technology Co. Ltd provides extra 1,900mAh power to Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, iPhone 4 and other popular handsets. It has Micro-USB and USB output, and is available in black, white, black and blue, white and orange, and black and green.

Shenzhen Anytone Technology Co. Ltd
Booth # 5D26


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