China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products talks ‘green’

Find a wide range of solar panels for different applications at the trade fair. Visitors can also sample the growing selection of products that run on solar power.

185W monocrystalline solar panel

The SR-185 185W monocrystalline solar panel from B&L Corp. Ltd features 185W maximum power and  boasts a guaranteed +/-3 percent power output tolerance.

It is designed to withstand high wind pressure and snow load. The solar panel is suitable for on-grid utility and commercial systems. It also works with off-grid ground mounted systems.

B&L Corp. Ltd
Booth # 7L11

Solar-powered wireless digital video door phone

The PVNC-100S from Newco Technology Ltd is a solar-powered wireless handsfree digital video door phone. The indoor wireless unit has a 3.5in color LCD screen and supports three opening modes and two-way communication.

The operation range extends to 150m in open field.

Newco Technology Ltd
Booth # 11M09

Energy efficiency and alternative power sources summarize the key product trends at the China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products.

Energy-saving power socket

Save on power with the Sky-ES-1 from Sky Microwave Co. Ltd.

This patented energy-efficient power socket uses microwave doppler radar technology to power electric appliances on or off when human movement is detected inside a room.

It incorporates a selectable power off delay timer. This easy-to-use product is resistant to sunshine, and wind and small animal movements.

Sky Microwave Co. Ltd
Booth # 11M12

Maintenance-free lead acid standby batteries

The AGM SH maintenance-free lead acid standby batteries from Kemapower Electronics Co. Ltd are designed for solar and wind power systems. Buyers can choose among versions supporting 4.5 to 230Ah capacity.

The batteries contain a special separator to prevent short circuit. They boast more than 10 years of floating design life time.

Kemapower Electronics Co. Ltd
Booth # 9D18


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