Power supplies, display modules highlight Hong Kong event




Visitors to the four-day event will find the latest consumer electronics, electronic components,  computer peripherals and mobile device accessories from the Greater China region.

Major and up-and-coming suppliers of computer and telecom products, consumer electronics and electronic components from the Greater China region are bringing their newest models to Hong Kong this spring.

The China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components will showcase designs from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan under 16 categories. It will run from April 12 to 15, 2011 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

Replacement batteries for major notebook PC and netbook models will lead the power supplies exhibit. Units will boast higher capacity, various safety approval and 100 percent compatibility.

The selection will also include battery packs for emergency lamps, back-up power systems, solar generators and other applications. Exhibitors constitute manufacturers of sealed lead-acid batteries that smelt lead in-house.

Buyers of electronic components can sample assorted test leads, sockets, binding posts, alligator clips, banana connectors and plug terminals. They can also visit wire harness and PCBA specialists, which will show of products for precision instruments, vending machines and home appliances.

TN, STN, HTN, FSTN and other display modules for telecom products, A/V equipment, digital clocks and remote controls will be put on view.
LCD experts with extensive experience in COB, COG and TAB technology will present a range of models, most of which are customizable.

The in-car electronics exhibits will comprise entertainment systems, safety and security devices, and related components.

Suppliers of DVD players will introduce 2-DIN units with touchscreen TFT-LCD monitors, built-in TV tuners, GPS navigation, Bluetooth handsfree functions, playback support for most digital media, and other advanced features.

Headrest models integrating speakers and IR transmitters are expected. Visitors looking for flip-down versions can check out designs with 8 to 10in displays and handy dome lights. Optional accessories include remote controls and infrared headphones.

For vehicle safety, a range of parking assist and backup warning systems will be laid out for buyers’ inspection. Units that can provide audio and visual alerts are among the selection.

Rearview mirror monitors will come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and connection options. Bluetooth functions, multiple video inputs and wireless sensor setup can be found in high-end options.

Visitors looking for security devices can check out an array of GPS trackers, locking systems and alarms. Models for passenger cars, motorcycles and other vehicles will be showcased.

To power the various accessories being offered, a number of suppliers will display pocket-sized in-car chargers with removable connector tips for popular handheld electronic devices. Certain units will feature cigarette lighter splitters with USB and chargers integrating flashing color LEDs.

Under personal digital electronics, high-definition products are expected to take the spotlight. Displays will include digital video cameras with rotatable screens, portable media players that support 720p movies and full-HD multimedia set-top boxes.

Some booths will be virtual libraries for e-book readers. Models with 4 to 7in displays will be offered with a long list of add-on functions, including touchscreen, voice recorder, FM radio, electronic games, microSD slots, and USB and HDMI ports. High-end models are designed for multimedia entertainment.

Audio specialists will introduce stylish mini headphones with seamless headbands and 5.1-channel capability.

Buyers can also try out earphones employing passive noise-isolating technology.

Makers of wireless communication equipment will showcase newly developed mini duplex repeaters, compact multifunction VHF/UHF transceivers, CB radio amplifiers, IP55-rated walkie-talkies and long-range cordless telephone systems. Military-grade two-way radios with die-cast, weather-resistant frames, Japan-made components and optional Bluetooth dongles are expected as well.

In the computer peripherals category, suppliers will be showcasing products targeting the burgeoning notebook, netbook and tablet PC user markets.
Exhibits will include portable cooling stands in assorted shapes and structures. Designs with adjustable angles and optional USB-powered fans are anticipated.

USB flash drives of different shapes and sizes will be presented, but the section highlights are projected to be those with retractable and spring-loaded connectors. Hybrid models with add-ons such as bottle openers and whistles will continue to draw interest, especially from buyers in the gifts and premiums industry.

One-stop shop providers of printer consumables will be pitching compatible toner and inkjet cartridges. Parts such as OPC drums, primary charge rollers, sleeves, magnetic cores and rollers, and cleaning blades will line up display shelves as well.

The fair will likewise witness the release of the most recent tablet PC and mobile device accessories. Many of the exhibitors release dozens of designs each month, enabling clients to stay on top of market trends. Must-sees include silicone iPhone cases with laser-etched patterns, leather cases that double as iPad stands and sync/recharging docking stations in attractive finishes. Most devices could be modified to suit other popular devices such as BlackBerry, HTC, HP, Samsung and Nokia smartphones.
Suppliers at the four-day show will also include makers of home entertainment systems, interconnect technologies, computer terminals and networking products.

The China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components is colocated with the China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products, China Sourcing Fair: Security Products and Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.


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